My Story

I was at my most frustrated point when I was a partner at a law firm because I was progressively gaining weight over the years at a sedentary and stressful job. Growing up, my family showed me what it means to have a strong work ethic, but I went overboard with this as an adult and found myself seated at a desk, burning the midnight oil most nights, all while gaining weight consistently over time.

I didn’t know how to lose weight without being able to take the time to make it to the gym. If you're a busy professional, you may be in the same boat.

I was craving to get back to my healthy set-point body weight, being comfortable in my clothes, and not feeling embarrassed to have photos taken of me at firm-related or client events.

Can you relate? 

Have you ever caught yourself quickly adjusting, hoping to achieve a "more flattering angle" right before someone snaps a photo of you?

A new way of achieving weight loss

My brother and father always encouraged me to try to look at problems in new ways.

In order to achieve a healthy weight, comfort, and “photo freedom,” I approached this problem from a different angle, realizing that I had to shift from focusing on the gym to recognizing that we can reach our weight-loss goals through food alone—something that we can control and that doesn't take extra time or money

If this resonates with you, then no matter what program you choose, you could also benefit from a program that helps you to lose weight without taking up any extra time... because TIME IS WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE.

My father taught me from a young age that humans are "walking chemical factories," so what we put into our bodies matters. To learn more about this, I turned to nutrition-centered resources like Michael Greger, MD, Valtar Longo, PhD, Neal Barnard, MD, Cornell's nutrition programs, and Dr. Robert Lustig's lectures about fructose.

When I shifted to focusing on food as my main mechanism for losing excess body fat, I felt empowered, liberated, and confident that my goals were within my power. 

And you can feel the same way, too, without taking any extra time for workouts or meal prep.

I went from nearly busting out of my larger clothes (while feeling hopeless about not exercising) to focusing on food so that I could return to a healthy weight, be comfortable in my clothes, and feel confident about having photos taken of me without sucking things in or standing at "just the right angle." You shouldn't have to worry about contorting yourself to pose at "just the right angle" at events or over video. You want to feel confident at any angle!

My story is the story of many professionals just like you.

I Left Being a Partner at a Law Firm to Follow My Passion

So, in 2018, I chose to pivot from helping law clients succeed in their legal matters to helping desk-job professionals like you succeed in their weight-loss goals. I've had clients in the US as well as the UK, and they have all lost excess weight with zero exercise. One client's spouse even jumped on board because my methods were working so well for my client that her husband concluded, "I might as well benefit, too!" Both lost the excess weight, and neither were placed on a workout plan.

Is exercise healthy for you? Yes! But the idea that you can't lose weight if you're not exercising is a BS narrative that is not serving you!

Regardless of what you've been taught, you can shed excess body fat without working out, counting calories, or losing energy. I’ve done it, and I don't have "special" genes. I've helped others do it; they're not biologically special either.

The fact is that there are many ways to lose weight. Choosing methods that work for you is where I can help.

Schooling & Research

  • 2004 - began publishing peer-reviewed articles and presenting research across the U.S.
  • 2006 - earned BA magna cum laude; awarded by my department as the Outstanding Graduate of my cohort
  • 2010 - graduated from law school (University of San Diego) & began legal career; published law journal article about meat production, legislation, and health + environmental impacts
  • 2014 - voted in as a law partner
  • 2016 - started researching more about nutrition and the law in relation to food (politics, lobbying, etc. are all affecting our lives every day in a multi-layered fashion)
  • 2017 - earned my certificate in plant-based nutrition (Cornell)
  • 2018 - left law firm; started weight-loss coaching for desk-job professionals
  • 2019 - turned 40 and began competing in fitness competitions (so far, winning 2 medals and 1 trophy in natural, drug-free federations)

If you're wondering whether my coaching is right for you, here's what you need to know:

I'm a science junkie. I believe that science matters and have studied the science of food, mindset, and weight loss at more than 1,000 hours. 

I'm a straight talker and very direct in my approach to anything. I don't really allow my students or coaching clients to sit in excuses, avoid the work, or skip out on me. I'll make sure you get the results you're paying me to help you get. Some students love this... others really hate me for it.  Total toss-up.

Your food personality matters. I am a busy desk-job professional and so are all of my clients. If I can't get something done efficiently and without a lot of hassle, it's not getting done, and I pass that process + strategy along to my clients.

I never apologize for my prices.  I assume that, if you reach out to me, you know that I come with an investment because I get results. Period. I have a lot of free content in the world and several low-ticket items so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. For my live coaching time, I truly believe that if someone cannot afford to pay me for what I do, then they are not meant to be my client. I want the same mindset for every boss I work with.

I like coffee. A lot. Almost all of my stories involve coffee, and cold brew has changed my life (a big thanks to my brother for that tip!). I add froo-froo stuff to my coffee and enjoy it 10x more in my favorite mugs. Mugs are amazing.

I am a multi-faceted person.
I teach Food Personality + Food Mindset AND I teach weight-loss.

Because the truth is that they work together. Like coffee + mugs.

You're Here for One Reason

You want to lose some excess "fluff" that hasn't been able to come off long-term, and you're looking for help. 

If that's you, then I hope you'll reach out and send me a message so we can chat about it.

Investing in coaching is a big decision, and in full transparency, when I hired my first coach, I nearly threw up at how much she cost me. I was terrified because I didn't want to waste my money only to find myself yo-yo'ing again. But it was also the best decision of my life because I learned lessons and had the accountability that's impossible to have when trying to go solo (and going solo never worked for me, no matter how hard I tried). That's what I do for my clients. I help you learn how to go from fluffy to fit in a way that actually works for you: your personality and your life.

No more yo-yo'ing.

No more hating the process of "dieting" only to ditch it.

No more investing in diets that require you to spend hours at a gym or cooking elaborate recipes.

 If you're looking to finally develop a weight-loss process that is streamlined, tailored, and EFFECTIVE, reach out and let's chat.