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without deprivation, counting calories, or going it alone.

the only personality-driven, scientifically backed weight-loss system for busy professionals

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No More:

  • Deprivation
  • Waiting too long for results
  • "Fad dieting"
  • Guess work
  • Meal prepping every week
  • Counting calories
  • Trying to force workouts into your busy schedule
  • Trying to find "special" foods
  • Saying good-bye to your favorite foods

A simple approach to weight loss is here!

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Rachel Y. (UK)

“Thank you so much for being so considerate and helpful. You have made me feel better already! I really feel you are spot on about my cravings. You thoroughly answered my questions, which has resulted in me not overthinking things. I really appreciate your clear and concise tips and knowledge.”

"Diets" & "Lifestyle Changes" are Overwhelming

All weight-loss journeys have ebbs and flows, and a solid, time-tested plan can allow for workable "tweaks" that make your success not only possible but probable. These tweaks to your plan can be implemented as you go in a way that lines up with your lifestyle as well as your personality.

My approach as a Health Boss is to bring understanding and flexibility to the table.

Everyone has different preferences and levels of tolerance. I have a particular affinity for busy professionals because I know at a visceral level how you feel. Your job is time-consuming, sedentary, and stressful.

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Nadia F. (US)

"I loved your Health Boss Weight Loss Course. Your program is unique in that you cater the course to each person's personality, which I think is so important. No other weight loss program that I know of takes individual personality into account."

Right now, the weight-loss "gurus" are whispering in your ear:

No pain,

no gain.

There's an industry standard for weight-loss advice:

  • Do cardio... steady-state, HIIT, etc.
  • Add weights
  • Make the time... otherwise, you're not serious
  • Meal prep on Sundays
  • Count calories
  • Calories-in-calories-out is the only thing that matters for weight loss
  • Carbs are the devil
  • Fats are the devil
  • If you're failing at a diet, it's because you're "cheating"
  • For permanent weight loss, you need a "lifestyle change"

All of this is incredibly overwhelming, isn't it?

You didn't start out on a weight-loss journey to spend all day at the gym, counting calories, and making time-consuming recipes.

This is NOT what you signed up for, and that list is enough to make you want to throw in the towel.


Here's what I needed to learn before I could have real, tangible, long-lasting weight-loss success:

Clarity breeds results.

Right now, you're probably sick of "dieting."

You probably have a frustrating history of yo-yo'ing that you're tired of repeating.

You might even belong to an online group for some support.


But it's muddy.

Weight loss is still confusing because you're searching in a million different directions for a solution, there are too many messages, and you're trying too many things to get something to work with your life.

I know this because I lived this.

For years, I tried to force myself to go to the gym, but I was working so many hours that hitting the gym with any degree of consistency wasn't happening.

I stalked YouTube... a lot. I was looking for anyone who wasn't in their 20s, who could show me how to lose weight in a way that matched up with my life: a busy professional who didn't have energy for a ton of exercise or time-consuming recipes. 


I tried going keto:  "Maybe THIS tip will melt the body fat without having to count calories."

I tried doing strictly whole foods: "Maybe THIS will get rid of my cravings."

I tried intermittent fasting: "Maybe THIS email will eliminate the need to count macros."

I even tried longer fasts: "Maybe I can relax the other days when I'm not fasting."


 I spent years floundering around looking for that magic single bullet that would kick things into high gear for me and get me to my goals.


Until one day, I woke up and realized I had been hustling from diet to diet for years with little success to show for it, and it was for one simple reason:


I was complicating everything.

It was then when I decided enough was enough, and chose to get laser FOCUSED.


I decided that I would stop, think, and focus on getting really honest with myself... I needed to think about what worked with my personality.


I realized that everything that I had tried worked... to some extent. Until it didn't.

And then I wondered whether mixing it up would make a difference... taking the pros of the things I tried and liked + ditching what I didn't like.


And it was a game changer.


  • I pivoted my weight-loss to include ways for me to mix & match according to my personality.
  • I tried this with my clients.
  • I put together a "food personality" quiz to identify which weight-loss path would best meet my clients' needs + achieve life-long results.
  • I created a system for this solution.
  • The solution eliminates shame, deprivation, confusion, and yo-yo'ing.
  • And all of it resulted in a tailored, straight-forward path for my clients.
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Claudine R. (UK)

"Your positive energy and drive have been enormously inspiring to me (and oftentimes infectious), and you really gave me the oomph that I needed with such warmth, encouragement, and good humour."

What happened next was remarkable.


  • I lost 20 pounds in just 9 weeks. That was 3 over years ago.
  • I fit into my skinny jeans... straight out of the dryer.
  • I gained confidence in a bikini... on stage. I built muscle after I'd stripped away the excess body fat. And I entered my first fitness competition at the age of 40 (winning two medals and a trophy).
  • I learned how to keep weight off in a way that works with my life long-term, regardless of external setbacks (annual holidays, family gatherings, CoVID-19, etc.).


I ditched the confusing messaging of the weight-loss industry to embrace simplicity by getting honest with my own personality + pairing it with science, and the results for me & my clients became SUPER-CHARGED.

What I Did To Make This Happen:

Embrace Personality + Science

Instead of trying to find and coach my clients through the "one" way to lose weight, I embraced the fact that there are food personalities. I cut through the clutter to create a quiz that helps identify the food personality of each client.

Pave a Clear Path that Is Tailored to Reality

Your food personality leads you to the right weight-loss path immediately instead of wasting time trying to figure out what works. This caters to your personality AND the reality of the life: you don't have time for all of the nonsense "rules" of weight loss.

Place Vitality & Health at the Center

Losing weight doesn't have to be complicated or terrifying. The Fluffy to Fit course works without having an iron-clad will. There's no point in even attempting to lose weight if you're miserable during the process or if it's done in an unhealthy way.

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Right now, you don't want to try again; you believe that success isn't quick and isn't sustainable.

You believe that willpower (which sucks and doesn't last) is the only way.


That kind of thinking is 100% false, and it's one of the biggest obstacles holding you back.


It's time to let go of this limitation and recognize that less is more.

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There is a method to feeling comfortable in your clothes, confident out of them, and energized in life (and business!) without the overwhelm of cardio, counting calories, or saying good-bye to your favorite foods.

It's a method that is based on the principle of your personality: 
Getting laser focused on what you can work with, focusing on efficient simplicity + science, minus the clutter.
The process and system to embark upon a hybrid weight-loss journey is incredibly simple, yet a game changer for your goals once you learn it.

Meymuna H. (US)

"Thank you. My weight is definitely decreasing. I appreciate the tips you’ve provided."

Imagine what it will feel like when you're able to…

  • Feel comfortable in the outfit that you've been keeping in your closet for when you finally reach your goals.
  • Feel dead-sexy naked.
  • Feel energized to be truly present for yourself & your family.
  • Ditch the shirts and sarongs during poolside season with wonderfully reckless abandon.
  • Do these things without feeling deprived or lost... without having to spend extra time on meal prep or having to force yourself to a gym.

What would it mean for you to be able to let go of the hamster wheel and stop spinning your wheels on tactics that don't get you to your goals?


Imagine being able to look at your reflection every week and KNOW that you've created your own comfort, confidence, and energy… and you don’t have to deprive yourself to make that happen.


Imagine eliminating 90% of the noise from your the weight-loss industry so that you can focus on the ONE thing that will get you transformative results:

your own personality.

The Health Boss Blueprint is the only weight-loss program that places your personality at the cornerstone of your weight-loss journey. 


Made specifically to fit your busy life...


Lean in to your personality + capitalize on the science-based method that matches your personality.

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Here's What You'll Accomplish with the Health Boss Blueprint:


  • Gain a healthy, solid mindset so that you are set up for success as you embark on your journey.


  • Be set up on the best-fitting weight-loss path for your personality, and get in-depth training about what your food personality means, what your personality's sabotages are, and how to avoid them with simple tweaks.


  • Learn how to deal with plateaus. Plateaus are part of every weight-loss journey. Knowing what to do with them helps to keep you on track.


  • Enjoy your life by eliminating deprivation is so important because it keeps you going. There is no need to "abandon ship" because this blueprint doesn't require you to say good-bye to your favorite foods in order to reach your goals.


  • Get your sexy back. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexier; sometimes, this just takes a quick win to start that engine up again. 


  • Get your energy back, being there for your family, your business, and yourself is priceless.

Health Boss Blueprint is flipping the weight-loss industry on its head because it cuts out the noise and focuses only on what WORKS.

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Health Boss Blueprint

Each of the Health Boss Blueprint memberships is based on your food personality and includes unlimited access to the full library of your Health Boss products and services for the entirety of your membership.

What you'll get over the course of the membership:

  • Specific guidance for quick weight loss to jumpstart your progress within the first month ($500 value)
  • *Weekly support to help you continue your weight loss as you move toward your goals without deprivation ($1500 value)
  • Hand-holding advice about how to deal with & overcome plateaus ($350 value)
  • Continued support to help you sustain your weight loss so that you can healthfully keep the excess body fat off for good ($550 value)
  • LazyBusy cooking videos - lazy cooking for busy people (so you can prepare easy, quick, convenient, no-nonsense, healthy, & tasty food) ($550 value)
  • A grocery list specifically for your food personality ($70 value)
  • Access to the private Health Boss Blueprint Membership Facebook group, where you can access all recordings of group coaching sessions ($180 value)
  • BONUS! Message me once you've reached your goal, and I'll send you a personalized Congratulations Gift Set!

Become your own Health Boss! Go from fluffy to fit (without deprivation or "fad diets") so that you can feel comfortable in your clothes, confident out of them, & energized to level up!


   $3,700 value  37/mo. exclusive membership -- cancel any time + 30-day money-back guarantee!

Each week, you will have a plan toward your weight-loss progress as new lessons, videos, trainings, and challenges become available while you continue your journey.

THIS IS LIKE HAVING YOUR OWN PERSONAL WEIGHT-LOSS COACH FOR ONLY $37 A MONTH! You get specific weight-loss action plans every single week so that you can reach your goals & never look back!

* Weekly support is available for at least a full year with this membership, but, depending on the weight you're wanting to lose, you may achieve your goals far sooner. Continuing with your membership after you've reached your goals will help you sustain your weight loss so that you can say good-bye to yo-yo'ing forever. You will have unlimited continued support as long as you remain a member.  

Steve B. (US)

"I have always all ways found you to be bright, alert, and refreshing, even at 8:45 on a Saturday morning. Your firm handshake shows you are serious about your health, and you carry that serious health attitude to your clients on a tour de force through a maze of complicated issues that you then break down on a practical level for all to understand. It goes without saying, you know all too well it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice."

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


We're so confident that the Health Boss Blueprint will work for you that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you don't see results within the first 30 days of purchase, just let us know, and we'll refund your money -- no questions asked.

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