I don't handle 100% of every aspect of weight loss.

I handle:

  • the science of food and the body
  • how to pair your personality with the science
  • food mindset/food personality traits

I am not a trauma expert, a behavioral expert, an emotional eating expert, or a disordered eating expert. If you have any of these issues or if you (or think you might), I highly recommend that you seek professional help. Below are some resources for you to consider if you have any concerns or need help beyond what I provide.

Authentic & Aligned

How to get the Aligned Edge™ through Conscious Energy Optimization™ Mastery

Nancy Jackson: expert in energy psychology, mental health wellness, motivational transformation guidance, human design, Reiki, mindfulness, and other healing modalities

(Oregon, USA; available globally via video)


Centre for Emotional Eating

Eliminating Emotional Eating

Lynn Therrien: registered psychotherapist, attachment therapist, and cognitive behavioral therapist, helping people end their obsessive food thoughts and subside endless cravings by uncovering the root cause of their struggles

(Canada; available globally via video)


Mind Body and Eating

Creating a Positive Relationship with Food and Body

Fiona Pugh: accredited Eating Psychology + Mind, Body, and Eating Coach, helping to break through unwanted eating habits and negative body image to find your freedom

(Australia; available globally via video)


Nutrition Path

Take Control of Your Cravings

Milda Zolubaite: nutrition therapist helping women beat binging, emotional eating and food obsession; focuses on eating disorders and mindful/intuitive eating

(UK; available globally via video)


The Addiction & Disordered Eating Eliminator

Freedom from Binge Eating, Bulimia & Alcohol Dependence

Vicky Midwood: professionally trained and experienced integrative health, nutrition and life style coach and a fully certified Eating Freely™ Therapist

(UK; available globally via video)


The Mindful Body

A Blend of Psychology & Life Coaching Tools

Donatella Porceddu: registered psychologist and life coach who specializes in emotional eating, body kindness, and mindful eating

(Ireland; available globally via video)