Quick & sustainable weight loss

without deprivation, counting calories, or waiting an eternity for results.


Through more than 1,000 hours of research and years of weight-loss coaching experience, your food personality is assessed and matched with an eating path that is scientifically proven to help you go from fluffy to fit even without exercise.

>> the only personality-driven, scientifically backed weight-loss program for busy professionals

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Claudine R.

"You really gave me the oomph that I needed with such warmth, encouragement, and good humour."

Nadia F.

"I loved your Health Boss Weight Loss Course. Your program is unique in that you cater the course to each person's personality, which I think is so important. No other weight loss program that I know of takes individual personality into account."

Meymuna H.

"Thank you. My weight is definitely decreasing. I appreciate the tips you’ve provided."

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Your Personality

We value your food personality so much that we've made it the cornerstone of our entire program because it is the key to your success. You can transform your health and body by leaning in to your personality to achieve your goals. No forcing. No deprivation. No white-knuckling it.

Your Reality

Valuing your reality means respecting your time, money, and body. You're a busy professional, so there's no time-sucking recipes or impossible-to-find foods. No slow-drip monthly plan to track. No treadmills. No wasting your time. Your reality is also your body; you're a walking chemical factory, so understanding how foods impact your goals is crucial.

Your Vitality

We value your vitality by paving a path that takes you from fluffy to fit so you can feel comfortable in your clothes, confident out of them, & energized to level up! No more persuading yourself that "this is just a part of getting older" or that you "feel fine" when, deep down, you don't.

Lean In to Your Personality

My brother and father always encouraged me to try to look at problems in new ways. In order to achieve a healthy weight, comfort, and “photo freedom,” I approached this problem from a different angle, realizing that I had to shift from focusing on the gym to recognizing that we can reach our weight-loss goals through food alone—something that we can control and that doesn't take extra time or money. If this resonates with you, then no matter what program you choose, you could also benefit from a program that helps you to lose weight without taking up any extra time... because TIME IS WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE as a busy professional.

Steve B.

“I have always all ways found you to be bright, alert, and refreshing, even at 8:45 on a Saturday morning. Your firm handshake shows you are serious about your health, and you carry that serious health attitude to your clients on a tour de force through a maze of complicated issues that you then break down on a practical level for all to understand. It goes without saying, you know all too well it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.”

Give yourself the gift of spending some time on you!

It's not about getting as skinny as possible. It's about being comfortable in your clothes, confident out of them, and energized to level up. It's about feeling your best, owning your time, and being present for yourself, your family, and your goals!

A Supportive & Positive Community

Become your own Health Boss! Our Facebook group is for busy professionals who want to go from fluffy to fit...

no deprivation

no counting calories

no complicated recipes

no hard-to-find "special" foods

no waiting forever for real results

no fad diets that you can't wait to be done with

no hitting the gym (exercise can help, but it's not required whatsoever)

Gain an improved sense of comfort in your clothes, confidence out of them, & energy for yourself, your family, and your goals!

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Rachel Y.

"You have made me feel better already! I really feel you are spot on about my cravings. I appreciate your clear and concise tips and knowledge."

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